Hat Collection (click on image to see the collection on FaceBook)Hat Collection (click on image to see the collection on FaceBook)

My European Military Hat-collection

I am the lucky owner of hats (visor caps, field caps, side caps, kepis, berets, helmets) from the following nations:

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia (incl CCCP), Poland, Germany (incl DDR), Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, UK, Eire, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Rep, Slovakia (+ ex Czechoslovakia), Slovenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Serbia (Serbia&Montenegro+ ex.Yugoslavia), Hungary, Moldavia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Abkhazia.

Missing nations: Macedonia, Montenegro and Georgia ... these items will eventually conclude my collection!

The following nations do not have armies as such: Liechtenstein, Vatican State, Andorra, Iceland, Faroe Islands ... have I missed any?

Thanks to Pekka Joronen, Heike Kaldre, Ivo Kaldre, Rainer Lapsanit, Alexey Melnov, Katerina-Silva Nieminen, Pierre Dubas, Cleaven Desira (WirtArtna), Olga Pishoha, Mikael Nilsson, Roland Jarl, Dagfinn Knutsen for Your contributions to my collection - this is much appreciated and invaluable to me!

P.S.There are some odd caps from outside Europe, namely Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Australia and also a vintage RCAF (Canada) side cap used during WWII

I am always on the look out to adding original hats to my collection. Donations, and/or trades are always welcome.

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