Here is listing of some interesting, I hope, links to history, regiments, museums, re-enactment associations, suppliers and ... much more.

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Hämeen Rykmentti (Häme/Tavastia Regiment, Finland) 

Kungl Svea Livgarde (Royal Swedish Life Guards, Sweden) 

Légion Étrangère (Foreign Legion, France) 

HM Kongens Garde (H.M. King's Guards, Norway) 

Det Kongelige Livgarde (Royal Life Guards, Denmark) 

5. "Ilves" Divisioona (5. "Lynx" Division, Finnish Army, WWII)

3.Gebirgsdivision (3.Mountain Division of the Wehrmacht, Germany, WWII)

F.N.F.L. Forces Navales Francaises Libres (Free French Naval Forces, WWII)

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (British Army, WWII)


Historical places that I have visited - Museums, Battlefields, Memorials, Castles ...

Talvisotamuseo ja Talvisotamuistomerkki (Winter War Museum and Memorial - Suomussalmi, Finland)

Talvisotamuseo (Winter War Museum - Kuhmo, Finland)

Chateau de Caen (Caen Castle - Caen, France)

Pointe-du-Hoc (Criqueville-en-Bessin, France)

American Cemetery Colleville (Colleville sur Mer, France)

Overlord Museum (Colleville sur Mer, France)

Big Red One Assault Museum (Colleville sur Mer, France)

Normandy Tank Museum (Carentan, France)

Batterie de Merville (Merville Battery Museum - Merville-Franceville, France)

Pegasus Bridge (Ranville, France)

America/Gold Beach Museum (Ver sur Mer, France)

Musée Grand Bunker (Atlantique Wall Museum - Ouistreham, France)

Musée No4 Commando (Free French Commando Museum - Ouistreham, France)

Flygvapenmuseum (Swedish Air Force Museum - Linköping, Sweden)

Tullgarns Slott (Tullgarn, Sweden)

Zitadelle Spandau (Spandau Fortress - Berlin, Germany)

Alliierten Museum (Allied Museum - Berlin, Germany)

DDR Museum (Berlin, Germany)

Potsdam Park Sans-Souci (Potsdam, Germany)

200 Jahrestag der Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig (200th Anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig - Leipzig, Germany)

Museo Militaria (Artillery, Pioneer and Signals Museum - Hämeenlinna, Finland) 

Salpalinja Museo (Salpa Line Museum - Miehikkälä, Finland)

Raaseporin Linna (Raseborg Fortress - Snappertuna, Finland) 

Rintamamuseo (Front Museum - Hanko, Finland) 

Askaisten Ritaripuisto (Askainen Knights Park - Askainen, Finland) 

Louhisaaren Kartanolinna (Louhisaari Manor - Askainen, Finland)  

National Museum of Flight (East Fortune, Scotland)

National War Museum (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Scots Dragoon Guards Museum (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The Royal Scots Museum (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Highlanders Museum (Fort George, Scotland)

Fort George (Fort George, Scotland)

Culloden Battlefield and Visitors Centre (Inverness - Scotland)

Urquhart Castle (Drumnadrochit, Scotland)

Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Floors Castle (Roxburgh, Scotland)

Sotalääketieteen Museo (Military Medical Museum - Lahti, Finland) 

Sotilasmusiikki Museo (Military Music Museum - Lahti, Finland) 

Keski-Suomen Lentomuseo (Finnish Air Force Museum - Tikkakoski, Finland) 

Museum am Wassertum (Cultural & Historical Society / Finnish Jaeger expo - Hohenlockstedt, Germany) 

Arsenalen (The Defence Forces Vehicle Museum - Strängnäs, Sweden) 

Krigsflygfält 16 - Brattforsheden (Airfield 16 - Brattfors, Sweden) 

Latvijas Kara Muzejs (Army Museum - Riga, Latvia) 

Mannerheim Museo (Mannerheim Museum - Helsinki, Finland)  

Ilmatorjuntamuseo (Anti Aircraft Museum - Tuusula, Finland) 

Lotta Museo (Womens Auxiliary Service Museum - Tuusula, Finland) 

Sotamuseo (Military Museum - Helsinki, Finland) 

Tykistömuseo (Artillery Museum - Hämeenlinna, Finland) 

Hämeenlinna (Castle of Hämeenlinna - Hämeenlinna, Finland)

Säkylän Talvi- ja Jatkosotamuseo (Winter & Cont.War Museum - Säkylä, Finland) 

Rakvere Linnus (Rakvere Castle - Rakvere Estonia)

Narva Muuseum (Narva Museum - Narva, Estonia) 

Fredriksstens Fästning (Fredrikssten Fortress - Halden, Norway) 

Jalkaväkimuseo (Infantry Museum - Mikkeli, Finland) 

Päämajamuseo (Headquarters Museum - Mikkeli, Finland) 

Musée de la Légion Étrangère  (Museum of the Foreign Legion - Aubagne, France)

Oravaisten Taistelun Muistomerkki (Battleground Memorial for the Battle of Oravainen - Oravainen, Finland)

Lemun Taistelun Muistomerkki (Yli-Lemu Battleground Memorial - Kaarina, Finland)

Vaxholms Fästningsmuseum (Vaxholm Fortress Museum - Vaxholm, Sweden) 

Suomenlinna Museo (Suomenlinna Fortress Museum - Helsinki, Finland) 

Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire (Royal Army and Military History Museum - Brussels, Belgium) 

Cruiser Aurora Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signals (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Guards Museum (London, England)

Malta at War Museum (Vittoriosa, Malta)

Fort Rinella (Kalkara, Malta)

Mauer Museum (Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie Museum - Berlin, Germany) 

Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle - Prague, Czech rep.)

Wilanow Palac (Wilanow Castle - Warsaw, Poland)

Muzeum Woiska Polskiego (War Museum - Warsaw, Poland) 

Chateau de Versailles (Versailles Castle - Versailles, France)

Panssarimuso, Parola (Tank Museum - Parola, Finland) 

Norges Hjemmefrontsmuseum (Resistance Museum - Oslo, Norway) 

Beredskapsmuseet (WWII Neutrality Guard Museum - Viken, Sweden) 

Blenheim Palace (Woodstock, England)

Royal Air Force Museum Hendon (Hendon, England)

HMS Belfast (London, England)

Imperial War Museum (London - England)

HMS Victory (Portsmouth, England)

Kalmar Slott (Kalmar Castle - Kalmar, Sweden)

Maritiman (Maritime Museum - Göteborg, Sweden) 

Gripsholms Slott (Gripsholm Castle - Mariefred, Sweden)

Armémuseum (Army Museum - Stockholm, Sweden) 

Livrustkammaren (Royal Armoury - Stockholm, Sweden) 

Vasa Museet (The Regal Ship Vasa Museum - Stochkholm, Sweden) 

Bovington Tank Museum (Bovington, England)

Turun Linna (Turku Castle - Turku, Finland)

Event Pictures (mostly Facebook)

...more tension on the Border - Brattfors Airfield (Aug 2014)

70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings (June 2014)

200th Anniversary of Battle of Leipzig re-enactment (Oct 2013)

StuG Training, Parola (Oct 2012)

War & Peace, Beltring (July 2012)

Winter Training, Urjala (Feb 2012)

Beredskapsnostalgi, Jädraås-Tallås Part I and Part II (August 2011)

Family and Vehicle day, Parola (July 2011)

The burning of the Upland Coast, Marma (May 2011)

Battle of Narva 1700 (Nov 2010) 

Ehrensvärd 300 memorial - Suomenlinna (Sept 2010) ... to be added later

Film Production Gustaf III - Ängsö Slott (Sept 2010)

Historical tour of Finland (Aug 2010)

Battle of Narva 1704 (Aug 2010) ... to be added later

Battle of Fredrikshald 1660 (June 2010)

Army Band opening concert (Apr 2010)

Film Production - Svartsjö Slott (Apr 2010)

Hat Collection (continuously updated)

Spring Ball - Nyckelviken (Mar 2010)

Kalmar - 18th century Masked ball (Oct 2009)

Gärdet - the 1808-09 war Final (Sept 2009)

Livgardets dag - Regimental day (Sept 2009)

The 2009 Wismar Schwedenfest (Aug 2009)

Stockholm Military Tattoo (July 2009)

National Day parade (June 2009)

Malmköping Old Market (May 2009)

French Foreign Legion - Camerone Day parade (April 2009)

The 200th anniversary of the battle at Oravais (Sept 2008)

The 2008 Wismar Schwedenfest (Aug 2008)

The 200th anniversary re-enactment of the landings at Lemo (June 2008)

National day parade (June 2008)

French Foreign Legion - Camerone Day parade (April 2008)

Information and others 

Wehrmacht Lexicon 

Napoleonic Guide 

General von Döbeln 


Skirmish - Living history magazine  

Ystad International Military Tattoo 

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 

Hamina Military Music Event 

Eksjö Tattoo 


Re-enactment Manufacturers /Suppliers

Own Prod - Finnish Army Gear 1917-1945 (uniforms and insignia)

Zib-Militaria (WWI and WWII uniforms and gear) (WWI and WWII unforms and gear) 

McFarthingbowl's Re-enactment shop (Multi-period re-enactment products)  

Zeughaus Kinnemann (Various re-enactment products) 

Military Tour (ACW, WWI and WWII uniforms and gear) 

Ancile - Traditionsföremål (medals and misc) 

Andy Burke (historical shoemaker) 

Historische Marketenterei (re-enactment products) 

JAS Townsend & Son Inc (re-enactment products)

Armour Class (arms) 

Mílitary Heritage (re-enactment products) (re-enactment products and clothing) 

Fairbow (archery products) 

Capiti (headwear) 

Farthingale (re-enactment clothing) 

Antik Costume (re-enactment products)  

Textilcentrum (textiles and misc) 

Cooper's Choice (tailor/manufacturer) 

Bowstock (leather goods) 

Merchant Venturers (re-enactment products) 

Hatteljen (hatmaker) 

Paul Meekin's (military and history books) 

Der Kammerbulle (various items) 

Stitch in Time (Napoleonic era) 

SJ-Seamstress (18th century products) 

Korsberga Arms Factory (mixed)